Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Expressive Time Capsule

Being a first grader once at Van Sciver we had a time capsule that we got to place one memorable item in. I don't remember what exactly I placed in there but that is the point. Now I am doing a time capsule again but this time it definitely has more meaning. Inside of this time capsule you will find art pieces of mine that I worked on this year. There was most definitely progress from the beginning of the year to now. I'm a very quiet worker and can easily get the things that I need done, completed. Also you will find letters of mine and notes from friends just talking about things that happened a couple months ago. Placed items in this box has made me see the change and maturity in me coming out. As the year is coming to an end I will not be able to open this until years from now. It should be a great surprise and I can't wait to see how theses items look long from now. 

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