Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A summer night

 The slow moving water had a reflection of the crescent moon and shinning stars. The summer night was quiet with music playing softly as it became later. My eyes had been set on one thing and one thing only, the most prettiest hazel eyes I've ever seen. The warm water moved around us as we sat on floats at the center of the pool. Mouths kept quiet as we stared at each other with smiles on our faces. 
 The silence was broken with giggles from me as I got lifted up and carried around the pool. That didn't last very long only because I was tickled and thrown away from the center. I remember floating back up to the top and hearing the water hit the rocks outside the pool. I took water in my hands and splashed him with it making him laugh. 
 The night got darker and the chill of the summer air started to pick up. It was time for me to go in and for him to go home. But every night was spent that way and the next day would be the same. We picked right back up where we left off the night before and just continued. 

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