Friday, November 15, 2013

My collection is not that hard if you knew me well enough. Being a dancer and having sore feet tends to build a pile of broken no good shoes that become an art from the past. These pointe shoes in the picture are not mine but that is how I feel as a dancer. Especially after 14 years. Ballet is still a beautiful way to express yourself and will or has not gotten old. It is still very classical and always will be. My interests are dance and anything dance related. Dance helps me find myself and it is an art by just using my feet to describe how I feel. 

What my collection reveals

Our collection had a variety of ages and years. From teens to adults. Using every day objects to create an art that is not art. All of our interests are in the collection from different every day things we use to toys that we had as kids. Sports, school subjects and other things are involved as well. We have created something unique and were inspired by Portia Munson. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

First and Second Drawing Comparison

With these two drawings there is a big difference. The first one is clearly a bike but I feel it's not as real as it should look. Personally I feel that using just different kinds of sketch pencils is hard for me to make objects look real. Colors help me see what I actually see in front of me and help guide me through what is really there. I like being able to use color to see how we'll the end result will look. Now I know that the candy jar is only drawing number two but I feel that the jar looks much better and is a very big improvement for my drawings. I love the way it came out and I learned that shading takes a lot of time. Layer of color after layer after layer and so on gives you the color that you truly need but you have to be patient. 

Candy in a Jar

For me as being a first time artist like this, I prefer to shade with colors. I have a better feel of what I'm doing and how well things are going to come out. I love the way other colors are used to make lighter or darker shades of a specific color. It gives the drawing a bigger variety of details and makes it so much more realistic. Using colors is such a great way to show how you feel about something too. I don't get bored using colors because it gives your eyes something to stare at. The real jar of candy is to the left and my drawing is to the right. My drawing seems really well detailed and the colors make it pop. This experience was great, and I would love to always use color with my drawings.